Region: North America

/N SPRO was founded in 2003 and provides a high value offering for the unanswered market need for specialized consulting services in the SAP emerging solutions area. As SAP AG keeps growing its portfolio of solutions, /N SPRO stays focused on investing early and gains deep knowledge of new products ahead of the mainstream market adoption. By being first to market, /N SPRO develop an unparalleled edge in the experience with SAP emerging solutions.

TIK are proud to announce that a formal partnership has been formed with /N SPRO (based in Montreal) with /N SPRO being appointed the North American reseller of the Nexus Suite. This exciting new partnership will enable North American users of SAP HCM to leverage the power of the Nexus Suite in both SAP HCM implementation and day to day operational requirements.

For further details feel free to contact either TIK or /N SPRO.



Region: Africa

Britehouse is one of South Africa’s major SAP solution providers, with the largest base of K4 to K6 SAP consultants available in South Africa.   Britehouse is well positioned to meet the complete needs of enterprise customers for advanced SAP solution and applies industry knowledge and insight to deliver innovative enhancement to SAP which helps their clients run their businesses more effectively. Britehouse is continuously innovating to effectively deliver value to their clients – and this is why we are the leading SAP Consulting practice in South Africa. 

For further details feel free to contact either TIK or Britehouse.