Successful TMCA Go-Live

Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia (TMCA) successfully went live early January with a new integrated SAP ECC6 environment thanks to the Nexus Suite Data Replication and Payroll Verification modules. The challenge that was faced by TMCA was how to integrate an existing SAP 4.7 system (containing all non-HCM functions) with an existing SAP ECC5 system (containing only HCM functions), and to do it all with the minimum of downtime (the acceptable downtime being a single weekend): the answer was the Nexus Suite.


Using the Data Replication Module, TMCA were able to move all of their HCM system configuration across to a new unified ECC6 system where it was checked, tested and signed off. Then, after several trial runs to ensure success, a single weekend was all that was required to bring all of the HCM data (spanning 10 years of history and including over 10,000 employees) into the new unified system. The data scope included all underlying configuration, Personnel Development, Organisational Management, Personnel Administration, Payroll Results, Time Evaluation Results, C-Net Safety Suite, Financial Posting History, Security Roles and Profiles and Workflow history.


Upon completion of the cut-over weekend the only difference in the day to day operations for the TMCA end users was the new improved ECC6 front end;  from a payroll and time perspective the new system is capable of full retroactive processing and contains all historical data.