At TIK Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing high quality SAP “bolt-on” products, which are specifically designed to save time and money for customers who are implementing SAP, upgrading to another version of SAP, or already running an SAP system.

TIK Consulting have developed the Nexus Suite which enables the conversion of data from external systems, structured and auditable importing and exporting of information, the comparison of payroll data between SAP R/3 and other HR/Payroll systems, as well as comprehensive reporting across the SAP HCM module. The Nexus Suite currently encompasses the following modules which can be purchased individually or in any combination:

  Data Conversion Module: Are you planning to implement SAP HCM? Move your legacy HCM data into SAP with minimal effort, maximum efficiency and unprecedented visibility. The entire process including extraction of legacy data, transformation of values, and loading into SAP is managed inside the module and is transparent, repeatable, auditable and reportable. Click here to find out more.
  HCM Gateway Module: Remove your reliance on developers to build and maintain your interfaces in and out of SAP HCM – with the HCM Gateway Module you can define robust, auditable and maintainable interfaces without having to write a single line of ABAP. Manage all of the interfaces required by your organisation in a centralised and auditable way using the Gateway Management Centre. Quickly and easily upload spreadsheets through Nexus QuickLoadClick here to find out more.
  HCM Reporting Module: How often do you find you must compromise on your SAP HCM reporting requirements, or build custom ABAP reports where there is no standard report to provide the information? With the HCM Reporting Module you can produce, chart, and distribute combined data reports (e.g. combine payroll result data with master data, quota balances), reconciliation reports (e.g. payment summary reconciliation, payroll to posting reconciliation, payroll balancing), statistical reports (e.g. headcounts, EEO statistics, salary analysis) and all in a matter of minutes! Click here to find out more.
  Payroll Verification Modules: Are you tired of exhaustively testing everything only to find that the changes you’ve imported have just introduced another payroll problem? Ensure that any changes that are made to your system don’t negatively impact your productive payroll. This module provides you with the means to very easily define a complete payroll verification process including result comparison, analysis result recording/tracking, and comprehensive reporting – no spreadsheets required! Click here to find out more.
  Data Replication Module: Revolutionise your payroll support processes by instantly creating a copy of problem employees from production to test! The Data Replication module can easily replicate, duplicate and scramble any ERP master data throughout the different instances and clients of your SAP landscape. Use it to help resolve payroll issues quickly and confidently, generate training data, or create multiple examples of a particular issue to cater for different test cases – the options are endless. Click here to find out more.
  Transport & Configuration Analysis Module: Ensure that the impacts of your Upgrade, Support Pack, Enhancement Pack, or Marketplace Note implementation are identified and visible – no need to rely upon Note documentation! This module provides a detailed and automated analysis of the impact of SAP Upgrade, SAP Support Packs, Enhancement Packs, Country Legal Changes, or even internal project changes on your SAP systems. SAP Configuration between systems can also be compared to ensure system integrity across your SAP landscape. Click here to find out more.
  Process Automation Module: Minimise the time, effort and risks associated with your regular payroll run – we’ve specifically designed this module to allow you to define and automate the payroll process that must be followed within your organisation, ensuring that you need never again worry about timeliness or human error when running your payroll process. Full visibility and control of the process is provided, and every process run is stored for audit purposes. Click here to find out more.

If you’d like to download a printer friendly version of information relating to the Nexus Suite go click here. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any of our products.