Process Automation Module

Do you find that running all of the steps required in your organisations’ payroll process is time consuming, or perhaps error prone due to skipped steps or inexperienced users?

If so, then it’s time that you discovered the Nexus Suite Process Automation Module; the Nexus Suite Process Automation Module is specifically designed to provide process definition, enforcement and automation for your payroll process, ensuring that you need never again worry about timeliness or human error when running your payroll process!

When applied in a payroll processing context, the Nexus Suite Process Automation Module:ensures that no essential steps are missed

  • allows dependencies between steps to be enforced
  • provides out of the box business checks (e.g. were all employees processed successfully through the pay run)
  • automatically emails appropriate resources for any action required due to errors encountered
  • provides an end to end, fully automated, auditable and transparent view of the payroll process

A typical example of an automated payroll process using the Nexus Suite Process Automation Module may include:

  • load and (if using the Nexus Suite HCM Gateway Module) monitor time and attendance data (i.e. data coming from Kronos, Kaba etc)
  • perform Time Evaluation, and validate successful completion for all employees
  • automatic manipulation of the payroll control record status (e.g. Released, Corrections, etc)
  • perform the Payroll Calculation, and validate successful completion for all employees
  • perform payroll reconciliation reports to check payroll calculations (if using the Nexus Suite HCM Reporting Module, then email notification can be dependent on errors being found in the reconciliation reports)
  • Simulate Posting to Accounting
  • Execute live Posting to Accounting run
  • Perform post-payroll activities, such as report generation and outbound interface file creation

The Nexus Suite Process Automation Module provides your Organisation with the ability to define, enforce and automate your complex payroll processes, as well as leaving a full audit trail of every single payroll execution that occurs. Contact TIK today and find out how we (or one of our partners) can provide your Organisation with payroll process re-engineering services, to maximise your payroll team efficiency and minimise the risks!

Click on the following image to view a screen shot of the Process Automation Module: