Transport & Configuration Analysis Module

The Transport & Configuration Analysis Module provides customers with unprecedented risk mitigation and targeted testing facilitation, for all modules of the SAP ERP system. The Transport & Configuration Analysis Module has been specifically designed to:

  • provide a comprehensive analysis of transports (whether they are delivered by SAP, a third party product provider, or created as a result of internal project activities)
  • provide a comprehensive comparison of SAP system configuration between environments
  • provide analysis progress tracking and reporting, including access to historical information from previous analysis runs

The specific areas of the SAP system used within your organisation can be configured to be checked during the analysis, and the built in reporting provides an immediate targeted test plan in a matter of minutes. Some of the key analytical processes provided by the Transport & Configuration Module include:

  • Comprehensive HCM Schema (Payroll and Time Evaluation) analysis and reporting, with analysis down to the operations within rules
  • Configuration Table Content analysis (configuration or master data), with analysis down to fields within tables
  • Standard SAP ABAP report analysis, highlighting reports impacted
  • Customer developed ABAP report analysis, highlighting any customer developed ABAP reports utilising updated standard SAP ABAP includes Scheduled Job analysis, highlighting any regularly scheduled jobs containing ABAP reports that have been updated

The Transport & Configuration Analysis Module will be able to provide your Organisation with huge business related benefits which include:

  • The ability to assess the impact of SAP delivered transports (i.e. Support Packs, Enhancement Packs, Country Legal Change Packs, manual Note applications) in minutes/hours rather than days/weeks
  • The ability to assess the impact of customer created transports and third party product transports, in minutes
  • Targeting testing requirements are instantly available after the completion of the analysis, allowing fast mobilisation of the required testing resources
  • Comprehensive history tracking, ensuring any activities performed in prior analysis runs can be accessed for reference in later runs (thus mitigating the risks of lost knowledge due to attrition)
  • The allocation of responsible resources for impacted areas can be allocated and managed through the Analysis Centre
  • Global coverage ensuring you can leverage off the benefits of the module in any SAP supported country