The Bureau of Meteorology is the National Meteorological Authority for Australia. The Bureau maintains a network of field offices across the Australian continent, on neighbouring islands and in Antarctica. The Bureau uses the HCM Data Replication Module to replicate over six years worth of PA and PD master data, Payroll, Time and Audit clusters between their SAP landscapes rather than having to rely upon client refreshes.

Since its implementation of SAP HR in 2005, The Bureau of Meteorology has struggled to find a suitable tool that would allow the quick and accurate replication of Payroll and Time results, and master data, between clients. Generally those tools the Bureau had previously utilised proved to both cumbersome and restrictive. The Nexus Suite HCM Data Replication Module now allows the Bureau to quickly copy PA and PD data, on an individual or organisational level: this capability has assisted in the rapid resolution of payroll issues as well as been a invaluable tool in this organisation’s support pack and regression testing analysis. I now regard the HCM Data Replication Module as being an integral part of the Bureau’s SAP HR landscape

Peter Caiafa, HR Support Services Team Lead

Orica is the world’s leading supplier of commercial explosives to more than 50 countries. One of the biggest challenges we face is delivering a single HRMS to all countries due to the complex issue of integrating employee data from all countries into a single database. The answer to this complex problem – the Nexus Suite.

With Nexus we have been able to take payroll extracts from all countries and tailor the inbound interface into our ECC6 SAP HR environment. The HCM Gateway Modules ‘executables’ are configured, by our functional resources, account for country, SAP specific fields, values, numbers, symbols, etc. Having each of the ‘executables’ linked together through the Nexus Controller allows us to process each countries data file in a matter of minutes compared to a number of days in the past. Our process has no manual interven as files are received on the server and then auto processed. Emails notify our support staff if there are any issues with the load.

We don’t know how we could have completed this without Nexus. It is a unique tool and will transform any organisations data integration requirements.

Angus Rowe, HR Planning & Systems Manager

During the HR Assist (SAP) implementation, TIK partnered with SAP allowing Victoria Police to leverage off the Nexus Suite Data Conversion and Payroll Verification Modules. This ultimately resulted in a successful migration from multiple legacy applications into the majority of the SAP HCM sub modules (i.e. PA, PD, LMS, PY, FI/CO, OH&S etc) with virtually 100% accuracy. The combination of these two modules allowed Victoria Police to perform full payroll verification runs on the entire Victoria Police employee base (which is over 14,000 employees) with all of the analysis being performed within the Payroll Verification Module.

During each of the payroll verification cycles the delta processing options available within the Data Conversion Module provided us with the ability to identify and load all of the transactional data that had changed or been created in the legacy system during the applicable period thereby preventing us from having to use thirty or so resources to enter the transactional data into the system manually.
All of the conversions were performed through an auditable and automated process using the Nexus Suite Data Conversion Module with an overall failure rate of only 0.0003%. This was a result of previously identified data cleansing issues that had been signed off by Victoria Police prior to the conversion occurring. If it wasn’t for the Nexus Suite and its ease of use and sophistication the HR Assist project wouldn’t have been anywhere near the success that it was.

Wael Mikhail, Business Data Migration Lead

Prior to QuickLoad in order to get data into SAP we had to write LSMW’s and bludgeon the data into shape. If anything changed in the underlying configuration we’d have to re-record the LSMW and start the whole process again. With QuickLoad getting data into SAP becomes effortless – I can’t imagine having to go back to LSMW’s.

Nicole Sawyer, Payroll Technical Change Analyst