Data Conversion Module

Migrating to Employee Central from other systems

The Nexus Suite Data Conversion Module allows you to move HRIS and Payroll data into SAP Employee Central Payroll (ECP) and Employee Central (EC) from non-SAP systems with minimal effort, maximum efficiency and unprecedented visibility. Every step of the conversion process is reportable, auditable and repeatable without the need for any other tools or for the need to ECP or EC client refreshing between trial conversions. Using the Nexus Data Conversion Module, your Data Conversion project becomes a simple manageable process – no manual data manipulation, no custom developments, and no full time Data Conversion Team. All of your Data Conversion related cutover activities are able to be fully automated with comprehensive statistics, analysis and error reports being produced and processed (via emails, workflow etc)

Traditional Conversion Methods

Within Employee Central Payroll (ECP) and Employee Central (EC), Data Conversion activities may occur prior to and after you’ve gone live. These data conversion activities generally fall into one of the following three categories:

  • loading data from your legacy system into the ECP or EC system

  • loading additional transactional data into an already live ECP or EC system (e.g. for a staggered go-live type project, or when company acquisitions take place)

  • making mass changes to existing data

Currently each of the above data conversion activities requires the development of a data conversion mechanism. Every organisation undertaking data conversion activities will effectively ‘reinvent the wheel’ by defining legacy system to Employee Central field mappings and translations, having the mappings/translations verified and checked off by the appropriate business experts, and performing test runs of the data conversion into one or more testing environments to ensure the accuracy of the data conversion.

Conversion through Nexus – stops having to re-invent the wheel!

Data Conversion using Nexus removes the need to start from scratch when defining legacy system to Employee Central system field mappings through the use of pre-defined and configured mappings, known in Nexus as Data Dictionaries. Pre-defined Data Dictionaries are already available within Nexus for a number of well known systems as well as the predefined upload templates for Employee Central. New Data Dictionaries may be extracted from external systems and easily uploaded and mapped in Nexus and, if required, version specific Data Dictionaries are also available. The Employee Central templates can be easily updated as Nexus integrates directly into Employee Central.

This significantly reduces the implementation time for data conversion activities, as default mappings have already been defined in Nexus. This means that you will only need to refine an existing Nexus Data Dictionary and Employee Central upload template (where necessary) in order to achieve you data conversion goals!

Nexus provides extremely powerful, structured and streamlined processes for your data conversion activities, with all mappings, translations and reporting performed within the SAP Employee Central Payroll environment.

Nexus greatly minimises the time and effort required during the definition phases of data conversion activities, and eliminates costly ‘idle time’ for data conversion technical resources. Also, the comprehensive reporting and reconciliation tools that are part of Nexus provide the mechanisms required for all your audit and sign-off requirements.

Nexus Data Conversion Reporting – it’ll write your Technical Specs for you!

All mappings and translations defined within Nexus are completely transparent and fully reported through the Nexus data conversion reporting tools.

The Mapping Summary Reports that are available include:

The Detailed External System and Employee Central Mapping Reports that are available include:

Fully automate your Data Loads

One of the most painful aspects of Data Conversion is the process of running all of the associated Data Conversion loads during Trial Conversion phases and cutover. One of the main headaches for any project is ensuring that everything that has been identified within the cutover plan actually occurs (and in the correct order).

The Nexus Suite Data Conversion Module offers you an automated alternative. As part of the Data Conversion Module we’ve included the Process Automation Module which totally automates your Data Conversion related loads. The Process Automation Module provides your project with the ability to create an automated process to execute all of the Data Conversion related Interfaces in a sequential order that you have identified through your Data Conversion Cutover planning. Within each step you are able to assign conditions and interdependences as well as report on all of the facets of the Process Automation Module configuration and provide comprehensive statistics, analysis and error reports (via on-line, emails, workflow etc) as well as associated timings to project management and reconciliation team members.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Nexus Suite Data Conversion Module why not request a live demonstration and have one of our experts provide an end-to-end functional overview.

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