Data Replication

The Nexus Suite Data Replication Module is an extremely diverse, flexible and powerful tool that provides a variety of key functions all in the one product – whether you operate an on-premise SAP HCM environment, or are looking at (or have already moved to) the brave new world of SAP Cloud payroll in Employee Central Payroll, the Data Replication module will be an essential component to your on-premise day to day operations, and also for your migration project to Employee Central Payroll!

Using just the Nexus Suite Data Replication Module, you can achieve all of the below (and more):

  • Replicate employees throughout your Employee Central Payroll landscape to aid in payroll trouble shooting, testing, and training

  • Ensure privacy by scrambling the key identifying data fields of employee data (across both master data Infotype fields and payroll result cluster fields) during replication, or in situ

  • Easily Duplicate employees to create a training environment or for testing purposes

  • Migrate your entire payroll configuration base to Employee Central Payroll in less than an hour, and be running your payroll testing the same day!

  • Migrate your employee population and payroll history to Employee Central Payroll in quick time (on average, 100,000 staff with 15 years of payroll history in a day!)

  • Selectively migrate key configuration changes from your on-premise landscape to Employee Central Payroll during your HXM Move project

Are you evaluating a move to Employee Central Payroll?

Rather than having to reconfigure all of SAP On-Premise HCM / Payroll Configuration within Employee Central Payroll (which on average can take a SAP HCM / Payroll consultant 6 – 9 months, just think about all of the Payroll Schemas, Rules, Enterprise Structure, Pay Scale Structures, Work Schedules, Wage Types etc.) – migrate your entire payroll system configuration to the Employee Central Payroll solution using the Nexus Suite in less than 1 hour!

The Nexus Suite has been used in many successful migrations to Employee Central Payroll worldwide – it is also the preferred product for many implementation partners, including SAP.

Critically, if you are concerned that your current on-premise SAP HCM system is ‘too old’ or ‘too customised’ – it doesn’t matter what Enhancement Pack or Support Pack level your current On-Premise HCM system is at, and it doesn’t matter if you have customised fields in standard employee Infotypes that aren’t going to be in Employee Central Payroll – with the Data Replication Module, you can migrate to Employee Central Payroll using Nexus without any manual interventions whatsoever – any system differences are automatically catered for by Nexus when copying configuration and data!

Find out how we can help you achieve your cloud payroll ambitions, by looking at our HXM Move Program page

While implementing EC Payroll and EC your usual Business as Usual (BAU) activities won’t stop. This means that over the duration of your project there will be numerous configuration changes that will occur within your existing On-Premise landscape that (without Nexus) wouldn’t be reflected within your new EC Payroll landscape. To circumvent this, we’ve redesigned our Transport & Configuration Analysis Module for this exact purpose and have included it with the Data Replication Module for customers migrating to EC Payroll.

The Transport & Configuration Analysis Module analyses and compares both the On-Premise and EC Payroll systems and shows all of the changes that have occurred in a side-by-side comparison view. This allows you to quickly and easily identify all of the “Delta” changes that have occurred and select which configuration entries you’d like to replicate into ECP and save to your nominated customizing transport so it can then be migrated through your ECP landscape.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Nexus Suite Data Replication Module why not request a live demonstration and have one of our experts provide an end-to-end functional overview.

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