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Simplifying your Journey to the Cloud

SAP HXM Move (previously known as the Upgrade2Success Program which was introduced in 2018) is part of the RISE with SAP program. SAP HXM Move is designed to help customers with SAP On-Premise ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll solutions transition and expand into the cloud. The Nexus Suite forms part of the comprehensive set of services and tools that are available within the HXM Move Program to help make each digital HR transformation journey smooth and low risk.

The Nexus Suite is the perfect ‘all in one’ product to provide customers with an extremely fast, cost effective and comprehensive “lift-and-shift” from SAP on-premise to Employee Central Payroll (ECP). With a proven track record, customers can rest assured that the shift of payroll, the verification of the payroll calculation and the easily extendable reporting options of the Payroll Control Centre are a breeze!

Rather than having to reconfigure SAP On-Premise HCM / Payroll Configuration within Employee Central Payroll (which on average would take a SAP HCM / Payroll consultant 6 – 9 months to reconfigure the entire SAP On-Premise system within EC Payroll such as the Payroll Schemas, Rules, Enterprise Structure, Pay Scale Structures, Work Schedules etc.) the Nexus Suite is able to achieve this in less than 1 hour!

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Target Audience

Every customer considering EC Payroll but finding the re-implementation to be cost-prohibitive, time consuming and risky

SuccessFactors and EC Payroll Implementation Teams

EC Payroll Testing Teams


Built on SAP EC Payroll platform

EC Payroll Upgrade proof

Fiori enabled, for seamless display on PC and mobile browsers

Main Benefits

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Customers can migrate all existing payroll configuration in hours; additionally, the complete employee data and payroll results history can also be migrated in a matter of days — alleviating any data warehousing requirements!

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Plug seamlessly into the standard SAP Payroll Control Centre, without ever clashing with the standard SAP delivered product. Additional Payroll related error checking, bulk reporting, and KPI tile generation is able to be added in minutes — no coding, no technical resources required

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Shift the full payroll data and history for one or many employees from your productive payroll system to your test system in a matter of seconds, allowing immediate and accurate investigation to occur

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Move the employee data from any non-SAP system in a structured, repeatable and auditable method; Data Transformation and Load to both Employee Central and EC Payroll from any text data files in any format

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Instantly compare the EC Payroll generated payroll results against the on-premise payroll results, provide detailed comparison reports, and record descriptive analysis to explain the reason for any identified differences

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HXM Move Related Case Studies

“The Nexus Suite was a key element to the success of our project. Saving us many months of effort by avoiding the need to reconfigure payroll from scratch, removing the need for data manipulation and cleansing, all while allowing us to retain our full payroll history, it allowed us to easily make the transition from our SAP On-Premise payroll to the Employee Central Payroll cloud solution and a reimplementation of the core SuccessFactors module with speed and a high degree of oversight through the visibility the tool affords with its auditing and reporting.”

Keith Wilkinson, Group Head of HR Transformation & Delivery, Coca-Cola Amatil

“CONA has used the Nexus Suite from TIK to rapidly migrate all the payroll configuration from our SAP On-Premise HR & Payroll environment to our new SuccessFactors ECP environment. The total elapsed time for the migration of the payroll configuration for Wave 1 (which included a baseline of all payroll configuration for the bottler companies across all waves) was completed in a matter of days, and the solution worked very well.”

Hemant Kochhar, Product Director – HR & Payroll Solutions, CONA Services

“Coles Group was able to leverage the Nexus Suite to quickly and easily migrate from our existing SAP On-Premise system to Employee Central Payroll while also allowing us to perform retrospective payroll processing prior to the Go Live date in Employee Central. For Coles this was a huge benefit due to the nature of our business. The Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module was invaluable in ensuring that each of our 120,000 team members were compared and any differences identified and analysed to ensure that payroll was being calculated exactly the same way between Employee Central Payroll System and SAP On-Premise.”

Cameron Amling, Head of Corporate Systems, Coles Group

“The migration was so flawless to the point that VU University Amsterdam wasn’t even aware that the Nexus Suite had been used – which is a huge compliment in itself – due to how seamlessly and smoothly the migration was executed and completed. Through the use of the Nexus Suite Launch! was able to transform an implementation that had a perceived high risk due to the migration of sensitive payroll data to virtually no risk at all.”

Ron Nooren, Chief Operations Officer, Launch!

Here’s a few answers to some questions you may have

Do we need to upgrade our existing SAP system prior to being able to migrate to Employee Central Payroll?2021-07-21T05:12:35+10:00

No. The Nexus Suite is SAP system level agnostic in that your existing system can be on lower Enhancement Pack and Support Pack levels and it will still be able to automatically cater for any differences that may exist.

Our current SAP system is still running non-Unicode. Would this stop us from being able to move to Employee Central Payroll?2021-07-21T05:13:25+10:00

No. The Nexus Suite is able to automatically handle the differences between Unicode and non-Unicode systems.

Am I able to limit the amount of employee data that’s moved to Employee Central Payroll so that it’s only what’s required for audit purposes (i.e. the past 7 years)?2021-07-21T05:14:24+10:00

Yes. The Nexus Suite allows you to easily specify a key date and apply this to each relevant employee Infotype so that only data on/after that key date will be replicated into Employee Central Payroll. Additionally, payroll results can also be limited to only those paid after a specified key date.

We have a lot of transactional data that’s not provided till after the pay date. If we move to Employee Central Payroll with the Nexus Suite will we be able to run retros in the new system?2021-07-21T08:27:50+10:00

Due to the Nexus Suite being able to replicate all of the underlying configuration, employee master data and results it means that your Organisation will be able to run the payroll retrospectively after you’ve migrated to Employee Central Payroll. Why not have a look at the Coles Group case study and see how Coles were able to do exactly this for their 120K staff.

Our company’s looking at divesting part of our business – could we use the Nexus Suite to move only the employees and data relevant to this business to Employee Central Payroll?2021-07-21T05:15:58+10:00

Yes. The Nexus Suite allows you to “cherry-pick” exactly the configuration that’s replicated through to Employee Central Payroll as well as the relevant employees that pertain to certain areas of your business (i.e. selecting the employees by a specific Company Code or Personnel Area etc.)

We’d prefer to reimplement rather than use everything from our existing SAP systems. What benefits would using the Nexus Suite have compared to just starting again in Employee Central Payroll?2021-07-21T05:16:50+10:00

There’s still a lot of data that won’t change between your existing SAP On-Premise system and what you’ll want to be moving towards in Employee Central Payroll. The Nexus Suite can be used to select only the relevant configuration tables (filtered down to specific field contents) as well as specific employee related master data and results (i.e. only the current records etc.). Why not contact TIK to get a demonstration on how this approach will accelerate your implementation.

What Countries are supported by the Nexus Suite?2021-07-21T05:17:57+10:00

The Nexus Suite supports all of the Countries that are currently supported by SAP Employee Central Payroll. This currently includes:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan China, Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela, Kuwait, Portugal.