Reporting Solutions

The Nexus Suite HCM Reporting Module provides the means to access employee master data, payroll result data or leave result data, employee audit data and appraisal reporting. Reports can be created in minutes providing unprecedented levels of data interrogation, and providing general, reconciliation and statistical reporting that is simply not available via standard SAP reporting mechanisms.

Included within the HCM Reporting module is the HCM Quick Reporting, Payroll Reconciliation and HCM Statistical Reporting Workbenches, which provides extensive reconciliation and statistical reporting functionality. Reconciliation reports include payroll to general ledger reconciliations, payment summary reconciliations, payment threshold/limit checking, tolerance comparison between previous results, and general payroll reconciliations.

Some of the key business benefits delivered by the Nexus HCM Reporting Module:

  • Significantly reduce report creation times

  • No development required

  • Visibility of every payroll result table containing payment values

  • The HCM Reporting Module is country independent

  • All security authorisations defined within SAP are adhered to by the HCM Reporting Module

  • Instantly view reports within Fiori

  • Comprehensive Chart Designer which allows for interactive Fiori based Charts

  • PCC Powered by Nexus – configurable Policy Checks based on Nexus reports

  • Incorporate Employee Central data into your reports

  • Easily create Employee Forms for your Organisation

Instantly see your reports in SAP Fiori

With Nexus you’re able to use our drag-and-drop report builder within SAP GUI to design and test reports. The Nexus Suite Data Repository give’s you lightening fast access to report data and have them instantly accessible and ready-to-go within SAP Fiori! This empowers your employees and managers alike to view reports and charts on the go, through their preferred mobile/tablet device.

What’s more, you can distribute reports to individuals with the reported information automatically constrained to their team members in accordance with the Employee Central Organisational Structure, ready for them to consume on the way into work.

Create Complex Charts in Seconds

After configuring the report with our drag-and-drop report builder you can then use our interactive Chart Designer to build any number of charts and once they’re the way you like them.

PCC Powered by Nexus

The “PCC powered by Nexus” revolutionises the Payroll Control Centre by allowing customers to have a configuration-based plug-in for the PCC. This means that customers are able to:

  • Add as many master data or payroll calculation checks as required, all through a simple configuration based front end

  • Easily create KPI Tiles (Bar, Delta and Harvey) with analytical report data and custom formulas

  • Include bulk reporting into PCC processes, so that upon completion of the process the reports are all available via the Nexus Fiori Reporting Centre

Drag-and-Drop configurable reportsReports automatically created as a Policy Check

Easily Create Employee Forms

Creating Employee based forms within the HCM Reporting Module is a breeze! All you need to do is upload the relevant company forms, define the report in the HCM Reporting Module that provides the required employee data, and then link the two together – it’s that easy!

Forms can be provided to the employees via the Nexus Employee Self Service App, or via Email – in either case, the request for the form is completely controlled by the employee and requires no intervention from your HR or Payroll teams!

Employee Forms Landing PageOnline real-time form request

Single Touch Payroll Reporting and Reconciliation

From 2019 onwards Single Touch Payroll (STP), is the new way of reporting tax and superannuation information through to the Australian Taxation Office. The Nexus Suite HCM Reporting module provides customers with an extremely fast, cost effective and comprehensive reporting function that provides full visibility and reconciliation of the SAP Single Touch Payroll data.

In addition to the Single Touch Payroll reports delivered as standard, customers can also easily expand the reporting scope in minutes to ensure that any additional customer specific reporting requirements are met — all reports can be displayed within SAP, via Fiori, and also leveraged within the SAP Payroll Control Centre!

Main Benefits

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