HCM Gateway Module

Does your Organisation need to interface or integrate SAP with another system? Why re-invent the wheel and go through the process of even contemplating traditional integration methods when the Nexus Suite HCM Gateway Module will deliver everything your Organisation requires “Out of the Box” without having to write one line of code. Why not use the Nexus Suite HCM Gateway Module to define robust, auditable and maintainable information imports and exports and move away from SAP ABAP programs.

HCM Gateway Imports allow inbound data files with multiple record types to be easily defined and imported within minutes, sourcing data from the output of any external system or from any SAP HCM related data structures (SAP supplied or Customer defined).

HCM Gateway Exports allow any combination of SAP HCM data to be quickly and easily structured, transformed, and exported to fulfil reporting or file creation requirements. You will never need major ABAP development for file processing and reporting again!

Traditional Development Methods

Development of Interfaces and Reports occur prior to and after an SAP HR/Payroll system has gone live. These developments either extract and format data from the SAP HR/Payroll module for transfer to either an External System or output the data in a specified format in the case of reports, or import data from an External System and format it for loading into the SAP HR/Payroll module.

Currently, whenever a new interface or report is required an ABAP program needs to be developed which will be responsible for importing/extracting and formatting the data. With each of these Interface or report programs there are overheads such as:

  • the initial development of a new ABAP program

  • comprehensive testing that the ABAP program is importing or exporting the correct SAP tables/fields, and the associated ABAP changes required to resolve any issues that may be found

  • the generation of test files (in the case of an outbound interface) for the downstream system (i.e. a payslip printing company) to validate that the data provided meets their requirements, and the associated ABAP changes required to resolve any issues identified by the External party

  • the ongoing maintenance of the ABAP program, to ensure that each of these programs are unaffected by any SAP upgrades, SAP Support Packs, or External System changes (i.e. changes to the type or format of data that’s being outputted).

Nexus – configuration rather than development!

Nexus provides the ability to configure almost any interface that your organisation may require, without the need for any ABAP development whatsoever. SAP table fields can be utilised as is, or manipulated via the Nexus translation rules or translation tables to achieve the desired result!

Interfaces and reports that are configured through Nexus have complete access to all of the HR/Payroll tables and fields (including the Payroll and Time Clusters), and provide the ability to define multiple record types for your interface needs. An intuitive yet powerful user interface provides the means to define your import or export requirements, including drag and drop functionality for field ordering.

Interfaces and reports that have been built within Nexus:

Nexus provides an extremely powerful but very intuitive tool for interface and report definition and, as the interfaces and reports are configured rather than coded, the time taken to define and test your import and export requirements is but a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.

Nexus Suite QuickLoad

Included within the HCM Gateway Management Centre is the Nexus Suite QuickLoad. QuickLoad allow fast upload/deletion of SAP HCM data, without any need to configure an Import within Nexus! The user simply supplies an excel spreadsheet containing the data to be uploaded or deleted, and feeds the spreadsheet into the relevant Nexus QuickLoad Import.

More information on QuickLoad is available on our QuickLoad page.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the Nexus Suite HCM Gateway Module why not request a live demonstration and have one of our experts provide an end-to-end functional overview.

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