Case Study: CONA Services

Coca-Cola Amatil




North America

Coke One North America (CONA) provides each of the 12 largest Coca-Cola Company’s bottling partners with the tools they need to collaborate smoothly. CONA Services supports over 80,000 employees, processing $21 billion of revenue per annum.

Lift-and-Shift powered by the Nexus Suite

CONA Services were on SAP On-Premise for 16 years and have moved to ECP / EC via a Nexus Powered “lift-and-shift” with remediation (i.e. Enterprise Restructure, Configuration Rationalisations etc)


Configuration tables






Without the Nexus Suite this would have taken more than 9 months of effort by multiple SAP functional resources


CONA Services saved over 9 months of consulting fees, when compared to the cost of the software equates to a return on investment of over 1,000%.


CONA Services has the full history of their employee master data available from within their Employee Central Payroll environment.

Go-Live will take approximately 6 hours for their 9K staff, that’s under 2 seconds per person and includes all of the employee data (all master data, time & payroll results , audit logs etc) in 10 concurrent processing sessions.

The day after the configuration was shifted, CONA Services were running payroll within ECP and comparing the results between ECP and their on-premise production environment for a subset of around 1,000 employees through the use of the Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module.