Payroll Verification Module

The Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module provide Organisations with the means to very easily define a complete payroll verification process without the need for any other tools or products to be used. Everything from result comparison to difference analysis is catered for, along with an unprecedented reporting capability ensuring that every aspect of the verification is accessible, and can be targeted at the required audience (summarised reporting for project management, detailed reporting for analysis resources).

The Nexus Payroll Verification Module provide a simple way to protect the integrity of your SAP Payroll Implementation. Whether it’s S/4HANA, Employee Central Payroll (ECP), or an existing SAPĀ ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) system using the Payroll Verification Module is so simple that even a novice can be running your verification processes within a matter of hours.

What is Payroll Verification?

Payroll Verification is generally used to ensure that any changes that have occurred to the payroll system have not caused any unexpected changes to the payroll calculations and results. Payroll Verification within SAP usually occurs:

  • When first implementing SAP during the Parallel Run test phase prior to Go-Live
  • When upgrading your existing SAP payroll system to a newer version
  • As part of the application of SAP Support Packs

Payroll Verification without Nexus

Payroll Verification is an extremely labour intensive activity as it requires the payroll results to be extracted from two systems (where one or both will be an SAP system). These extracted results need to be loaded into a third party application (such as Microsoft Excel or Access) for detailed analysis which would include having to build a solution to:

  • Manually determine how to map all legacy system payment codes to their SAP Wage Type equivalents
  • Try and determine a way to cumulate legacy codes or SAP Wage Types that will be used during the comparison
  • Manually extract the payroll results from SAP as well as from the Legacy system and then try and compare these files
  • Development of numerous queries in order to evaluate differences

  • Development and generation of any types of reports that your project will require

Payroll Verification with Nexus

The Nexus Payroll Verification Module provides a very powerful tool to validate that your SAP HR/Payroll system is paying your employees correctly and enables you to quickly and easily:

  • configure your payroll result comparisons

  • establish mappings between your legacy system payment types and SAP Wage Types

  • compare SAP to SAP payroll results with virtually no configuration (provided that there has been no additions or deletions of Wage Types)

  • perform your SAP to SAP payroll verification directly via RFC connectivity, or via an input file

  • define the way in which Legacy system and/or SAP Wage Types must be rolled up for comparison (one to one, one to many, or many to many comparisons)

  • define acceptable tolerances for each of your comparisons by percentage or amount

  • define prerequisite comparisons that must be satisfied before any associated comparisons are made (e.g. if Taxable Gross payment does not match, then do not compare the Taxation figure)

  • view summary reports of the verification results which provide ready-made Management, Status, and Sign-off reporting
  • view detailed reports which give a comprehensive analysis of the payroll verification that has occurred, either by employee or payment code / Wage Type
  • view the results of any previous payroll verification’s that have been saved

The Nexus Payroll Verification module allows comparison between SAP systems (regardless of the version), and also between non-SAP and SAP systems. Hence, this tool can be used to ensure that your new SAP HR/Payroll implementation is paying your employees correctly as compared to your legacy HR/Payroll system, or to ensure that your upgraded SAP HR/Payroll system is paying your employees correctly compared to your previous version of the SAP HR/Payroll system.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module why not request a live demonstration and have one of our experts provide an end-to-end functional overview.

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